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Focus on Gender

For many years, the United Nations has faced serious challenges in its efforts to achieve gender equality in staffing, and the IAEA is no exception. In 2007, the IAEA and our Director General approved the Gender Equality Policy to work towards increasing the number of women in the IAEA's Professional and higher categories and to implement gender mainstreaming into its programmes. In the last ten years, the percentage of women in these categories has increased from 18% to 24% and we continue to search for and encourage women to consider employment with the IAEA.

We invite you to learn more about some of our current women staff members, our efforts to recruit Women at the IAEA, our family friendly work environment and our Resources for Women.

Working Towards Peace and Prosperity

The IAEA offers challenging assignments in a stimulating multi-cultural workplace. As international civil servants, staff members engage current, meaningful issues of global peace, security and development. They are personally committed to the mission of the Agency, and their dedication is reflected in the lasting change that the IAEA's work makes around the world.

Work Opportunities at IAEA

Professional Posts

Professional staff members of the IAEA comprise a multicultural group of experts, who carry out the programmes of the IAEA. Candidates interested in professional posts with the IAEA are expected to have a university degree and appropriate prior work experience in their chosen profession.

For more information, see Professional Staff at IAEA →

General Service Posts

General Service staff members provide support in the administrative, technical and scientific areas. Recruitment for all General Service posts is on a local basis only, and candidates must legally reside in Austria at the time of application.

For more information, see General Service Staff at IAEA →

Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) Experts

Recruited for a limited period only and ready to travel abroad, specialists in nuclear science, engineering and related subjects possess sophisticated scientific and technical knowledge, and are an integral part of the TCP.

For more information, see Experts Participating in TCP →

Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme

The JPO programme is designed for young professionals who are below the age of 32 years and hold an advanced university degree. The IAEA currently offers a limited number of JPO assignments only for applicants from Member States who hold a JPO agreement with the IAEA.

For more information, see Opportunities for Young Professionals →

Fellowships and Scientific Visits

The IAEA's Technical Cooperation programme supports professionals pursuing an advanced degree, or having recently graduated, in gaining practical international work experience in nuclear technology and applications or in technical cooperation. The programme provides fellowships to university graduates or their equivalents for a period up to one year at the Agency assisting in the normal activities of an appropriate technical division. Scientific visits are shorter in duration, ranging from few days to a maximum of two weeks and are intended to broaden the scientific or managerial qualifications of specialists in developing countries.

For more information, see Fellowships and Scientific Visits →

Internship Programme

The IAEA accepts a limited number of interns each year who are studying toward a university degree or have recently received a degree. Internships normally range from one month to one year in duration, and provide an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in an international environment.

For more information, see Internships →

Human Resource Booklets

Published January 2013 Internship Programme: Get Real World Experience

Internship Programme: Get Real World Experience Download pdf →

Published September 2011 Women At IAEA

Women At IAEA Download pdf →

Published June 2011 IAEA Leadership Blueprint

IAEA Leadership Blueprint Download pdf →

Published September 2011 Inviting Commitment: Working for IAEA

Inviting Commitment: Working for IAEA Download pdf →